I love helping people.  I started this work because I wanted to support folks on their journey towards wholeness.  I imagine a world where we ALL can experience the joys of sex and keep our connection with God.  However, in a world filled with religious sexual shame, sex-negativity, and conservative notions of religion and sexuality we are led to believe that is impossible.  But I am here to say…

Sexual and Spiritual healing are possible.  All we need are the spaces to do the work, tools to build us up and community to heal in together.  This is the work I do.

As both a spiritual leader and sexuality educator, I give folks the permission to explore, deconstruct and reconstruct their ideas of sexuality, spirituality and pleasure.  This process involves:

  • Exploring the messages we received about sex/sexuality
  • Deconstructing the sources that keep our sexuality and faith separate
  • Reconstructing our sexual ethic to guide sexual identity, behavior and expression

I do this work wearing many hats. As a

  • Sex+Faith Coach
  • Presenter/Speaker/Facilitator
  • Consultant

Here is just a sample of ways I do this work:

  • 1-on-1 Sex & Faith Coaching
  • Workshops/Seminars on Sex & Faith
    • See Your Sexy: A Vision Board Workshop
    • Mapping Your Sexual Ethic
    • What Does the Bible Really Say?
    • Feeling Good, Remaining Faithful
    • God-Positive Sexuality
  • Speaker/Presenter/Facilitator/Preacher
  • Consultant to pastors, lay leaders and churches