Here are some testimonials from women who have worked with Rev. L

“Growing up as a black woman my body was not always respected by folks.  Specifically, it was scorned or objectified by others due to my curves….however, attending  Conversation Circle meetings with Rev. L and others helped me literally “love the skin I am in”. Therefore I NOW appreciate every curve, wrinkle and stretch mark, because my present body is GLORIOUS. #myblackisbeautiful #conversationcirclesisters#bodypositive #lovetheskinyouarein
– CMS, Conversation Circle Sister

“I gained a sense of oneness with my Conversation Circle sisters, meetings became a safe space for us to share our deepest, darkest and most intimate secrets. The meetings with Rev. L helped me to gain independence of my sexuality as well as the independence of others’ sexuality. I now had a clear view of what sexuality and faith meant. It meant to me that they could be together and that they could be discussed without reservation, in my opinion that was wholeness. I am grateful for such a wonderful ministry because one doesn’t become whole overnight but by being in community with others, sharing, helping, and mending the broken pieces on the way to wholeness.”
– TT, Conversation Circle Sister

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Rev. Lacette Cross and the Will You Be Whole Ministry. Being a part of this ministry has given me something I’ve never had…SISTERS. This ministry is the most genuine, purpose driven, and supportive ministry I have EVER been apart of. Every women deserves support and empowerment, and Will You Be Whole is first class when it comes to that.  So if you are looking to be enlightened, nurtured and supported then Rev. Lacette and the Will You Be Whole Ministry is perfect for you.”
-CG, Conversation Circle Sister