Let me say a few words about terminology…

When I use the word sexuality I am referring to 3 things:

  • Sexual activity – what we do, how we do it, who we do it with
  • Sexual identity – who we say we are to ourselves, how we live that out authentically
  • Sexual expression – how we relate and show who we are to God, self and others

When I use the words faith/spirituality I am referring to 3 things:

  • Christianity – the religion and belief system based on salvation thru Jesus Christ, whose primary referral sources are “the church” and the bible/scripture
  • Spirituality – many different ways to connect to that which is greater than yourself; for some this is attained through Christianity, for others it may be something else
  • Faith – any belief system that governs how you live your life

It brings me great joy to talk about the ways we can be whole and one day free by talking about sex and faith…so my question to you is, will you be whole?