Luv Reigns Supreme

We all want to be loved.  No matter what we say, how we act or even ways we show out.  Love is what we all crave on some level.  This becomes particularly true for many of us who wrestle with who we are and who we love.  Even when we accept who God has created… Continue reading Luv Reigns Supreme


A Way to Luv…Celebrating #ThisIsLuv

Photo credit:  http://thisisluvproject.tumblr.com/post/111129409194/currently-there-is-a-dominant-and-pervasive Luv is in the air because today Ebony.com launched #ThisIsluv.  A media campaign intended to highlight the abundant sense of love present in the Black community for LGBT persons.  While the media and the church often rehearse hate-centered language of homophobia and exclusion, the truth is that love continues to conquer all. … Continue reading A Way to Luv…Celebrating #ThisIsLuv