Embodied Lent contd.

Photo credit:  http://galleryhip.com/5-senses.html On the second day of Lent many of us have already fell off the wagon.  I know I can only speak for myself (but I think I’m not alone) that I didn’t make it all the way through the second day without messing up.  But truthfully it’s in the messing up that… Continue reading Embodied Lent contd.


An Embodied Lent

Photo credit http://www.inmanparkumc.org/2015/02/lent-at-ipumc/ Lent is traditionally the time in the Christian calendar where believers give up something as a way of deepening their relationship with God.  It’s a time for the spiritual practice of fasting to increase our awareness of God’s presence, Christ’s sacrifice and our state as sinners.  It is no wonder that we can… Continue reading An Embodied Lent