Hey there!  I’m Rev. Lacette Cross, affectionately called Rev. L.  Talking Sex & Faith for wholeness is a justice issue that calls for intentional conversation and authentic engagement.  My purpose for being here and creating Will You Be Whole is to do just that.

As for who I am, I live my life boldly at the intersection of being a God-loving, justice-worker who is a black, bisexual woman and ordained baptist minister.  I believe in the power of intersectionality since it is the lens and grounding of my work around sexuality and faith.  I am also a self-identified womanist which most often comes out in my deepest commitment to the liberation of ALL people.

The purpose of this work is to create space for conversation, learning and change around sexuality and spirituality.  I center my work around black women who are or have been a part of church in some way.  This centering allows me to work with anyone who wrestles with how to connect your sexual behavior and attitudes with what you believe about God, self, others and the bible.

I am educated with degrees in social work, divinity and theology.  I have also been doing sexuality and faith work for over ten years.  Most importantly, I believe, is my commitment to helping others be their full authentic self.

The journey to wholeness is best traveled with others. I am intentional in creating safe space for open, honest dialogue that fosters a spirit of sharing, healing and hope. I love helping people bring together the two key parts of who we are – our sexuality and spirituality.


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