Embodied Lent contd.

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On the second day of Lent many of us have already fell off the wagon.  I know I can only speak for myself (but I think I’m not alone) that I didn’t make it all the way through the second day without messing up.  But truthfully it’s in the messing up that we see the work of God happening in our lives.

So often we’re on this wholeness journey trying to get it right all the time; when it’s possible that we’re really just being taught how to accept all of who we are without having to be perfect.  Perhaps in this Lenten season Spirit is inviting us to be easy with ourselves, to be patient with how we relate to ourselves and others or even how to extend grace in relationships when we’ve received grace in our relationship with the Divine.

Often our relationships (both romantic and friendship) are mired with unrealistic expectations.  Lent is a time of the year when we can reflect on the ways God has related to us and discover how to better relate to others.  Using our five senses helps connect us to our humanity.  It reminds us of the vast number of ways we can know our Creator and each other.

Below are 40 suggested ways we can experience an Embodied Lent through our five senses.  I hope it helps us discover the deep and abiding ways we are able to relate to ourselves, God and each other.

Watch a sunrise
Look into the eyes of a stranger
Watch an inspiring movie
Look at yourself in the mirror naked
Spend 5 minutes gazing at something in nature
Stare lovingly at someone close to you (e.g. best friend, spouse, partner, child)
Watch how people interact in a store
Gaze at a piece of art

Listen to the sounds of children playing
Sit quietly with your thoughts
Listen for the still small voice of God
Play classical music in your car
Listen to a sermon
Listen to your spouse/partner/bae
Play meditation music
Listen to a speech from someone you do not agree with

Stop by a florist or store to smell the roses
Light an incent
Go to a park to smell nature
Stop by a store and smell your favorite perfume
Take deep breaths in your favorite spot in the house
Smell cooking food
Sniff a scented candle
Breathe deeply in church

Eat your favorite piece of candy
Drink a beverage that reminds you of your childhood
Slurp a hot drink or cup of soup
Lick a lollipop
Chew a piece of bubble gum
Try a new food from a different country
Drink something that is healthy
Eat a meal with someone you care about

Lovingly touch your spouse/partner/bae
Pet a soft animal
Feel warm water on our skin
Rub your fingers through your hair
Hold something that makes you happy
Hug someone you do not care for
Rub oil on your body
Slap someone high-five

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    I REALLY enjoyed this post! I have four words to describe how I feel right now:
    Peace and Blessings,


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