Will You Be Whole?

Welcome!  I’m glad you stopped by.  If you’re here it may mean you are interested in what this is about or just curious to see what we’re talking about.  No matter the reason…welcome!

Will You Be Whole Ministries invites you on a journey of wholeness.  Through conversation, education and sharing we seek to bring together sexuality and faith for wholeness.  There are no right answers; no grand standing positions, just an open and safe space to dialogue about two essential aspects of our humanity – sexuality and spirituality.

Each week a new post will be up for us to engage and share in meaningful ways.  The hope being that we can talk about those things that matter to us as Black women and all those who love Black women.

In the coming weeks I’m excited to share from my personal journey, invite questions, reflect on current happenings and offer information to get us thinking about the ways we are living out what we believe and believe what we are living out.

Just as Jesus invited the man at the pool of Bethesda to wholeness, I am inviting you to take up your mat and walk the path of wholeness.  Walk in the ways that honor who you know God to be.  Walk in the ways that are most authentic to who you believe you are.  Walk in the ways that are open to new understandings.  Walk in courage to ask the difficult questions that do not have the easy answers.  Walk in ways that integrate your faith and your sexuality.

Join me on this journey.  We may not always agree on everything…that is the beauty of diversity.  But my hope and prayer is we can agree on this…we choose to walk together towards wholeness by bringing together our sexuality and faith.

Will you be whole?