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Will You Be Whole?



Hey there!  I’m Rev. Lacette Cross, affectionately called Rev. L.  Talking Sex & Faith for wholeness is a justice issue that calls for intentional conversation and authentic engagement.  My purpose for being here and creating Will You Be Whole is to do just that.

As for who I am, I live my life boldly at the intersection of being a God-loving, justice-worker who is a black, bisexual woman and ordained baptist minister.  I believe in the power of intersectionality since it is the lens and grounding of my work around sexuality and faith.  I am also a self-identified womanist which most often comes out in my deepest commitment to the liberation of ALL people.

The purpose of this work is to create space for conversation, learning and change around sexuality and spirituality.  I center my work around black women who are or have been a part of church in some way.  This centering allows me to work with anyone who wrestles with how to connect your sexual behavior and attitudes with what you believe about God, self, others and the bible.

I am educated with degrees in social work, divinity and theology.  I have also been doing sexuality and faith work for over ten years.  Most importantly, I believe, is my commitment to helping others be their full authentic self.

The journey to wholeness is best traveled with others. I am intentional in creating safe space for open, honest dialogue that fosters a spirit of sharing, healing and hope. I love helping people bring together the two key parts of who we are – our sexuality and spirituality.



Work with me!  I have over 10 years of experience teaching, preaching, writing and consulting.

Here is a sample of the services I offer.

  • 1-on-1 Sex & Faith Coaching
    • Sex & Faith Coaching (SFC) is person-centered individual support with Rev. L that guides you in your journey to becoming sexually whole.  SFC is good for anyone that wants to work through their sexuality concerns while also honoring their faith.  Rev. L offers a consultation in order to create a plan that will move you toward sexual and spiritual connection.
  • Speaking Engagements
    • Preach for special services
    • Facilitate workshops/seminars
    • Participate on panels
    • Keynote speaker for conferences and other events
  • Clergy Training on Sex & Faith
  • Workshops and Seminars on Sex & Faith
    • Sexy Vision Boards
    • Mapping Your Sexual Ethic
    • What Does the Bible Really Say?
    • Feeling Good, Remaining Faithful
    • God-Positive Sexuality
  • Private Parties
    • Sexy Vision Boarding is a great Girls Night Out! activity
    • Sexual Ethic Mapping is good for women’s groups and sister circles

Contact & Booking

Would you like to work with me, Rev. L?

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I look forward to connecting with you! – Rev. L


Here are some online resources at the intersection of sex and faith. – A site for sex positive Christianity with Rev. Bev – A black church resource for inclusion of LGBTQ persons. Has extensive teaching, preaching and liturgical resources – A black church centered preaching resource focused on liberation – Commentary, dialogue and resources for preaching in African American context – Information and resources for sexual health, education and justice in faith communities and society.  Extensive resources for worship including sermon prep. – National clearinghouse for sexuality education curriculum and information – Sexuality resources including guidelines, worksheets and lesson plans – Resource clearinghouse supporting youth with comprehensive sex education, includes downloadable lesson plans – – focuses on sexual rights as human rights.  Has good information about various topics; useful resource section with knowledge packed downloads. Hosts annual Sexual Freedom Summit


Here are some testimonials from women who have worked with Rev. L

“Growing up as a black woman my body was not always respected by folks.  Specifically, it was scorned or objectified by others due to my curves….however, attending  Conversation Circle meetings with Rev. L and others helped me literally “love the skin I am in”. Therefore I NOW appreciate every curve, wrinkle and stretch mark, because my present body is GLORIOUS. #myblackisbeautiful #conversationcirclesisters#bodypositive #lovetheskinyouarein
– CMS, Conversation Circle Sister

“I gained a sense of oneness with my Conversation Circle sisters, meetings became a safe space for us to share our deepest, darkest and most intimate secrets. The meetings with Rev. L helped me to gain independence of my sexuality as well as the independence of others’ sexuality. I now had a clear view of what sexuality and faith meant. It meant to me that they could be together and that they could be discussed without reservation, in my opinion that was wholeness. I am grateful for such a wonderful ministry because one doesn’t become whole overnight but by being in community with others, sharing, helping, and mending the broken pieces on the way to wholeness.”
– TT, Conversation Circle Sister

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Rev. Lacette Cross and the Will You Be Whole Ministry. Being a part of this ministry has given me something I’ve never had…SISTERS. This ministry is the most genuine, purpose driven, and supportive ministry I have EVER been apart of. Every women deserves support and empowerment, and Will You Be Whole is first class when it comes to that.  So if you are looking to be enlightened, nurtured and supported then Rev. Lacette and the Will You Be Whole Ministry is perfect for you.”
-CG, Conversation Circle Sister


Terms Used

Let me say a few words about terminology…

When I use the word sexuality I am referring to 3 things:

  • Sexual activity – what we do, how we do it, who we do it with
  • Sexual identity – who we say we are to ourselves, how we live that out authentically
  • Sexual expression – how we relate and show who we are to God, self and others

When I use the words faith/spirituality I am referring to 3 things:

  • Christianity – the religion and belief system based on salvation thru Jesus Christ, whose primary referral sources are “the church” and the bible/scripture
  • Spirituality – many different ways to connect to that which is greater than yourself; for some this is attained through Christianity, for others it may be something else
  • Faith – any belief system that governs how you live your life

It brings me great joy to talk about the ways we can be whole and one day free by talking about sex and faith…so my question to you is, will you be whole?

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